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Marc Serpa Francoeur

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Pat Neal

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Susan Fohr

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Anna Richard

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Shannon Linde

Emma Schnurr, Susan Fohr and Anna Richard


Interview participants:
Katayoun Afjeh
Shohreh Golazad
Nami Hattori
Liz Jenner
Wenzi Li
Adnan Mahmood
Melissa Rodrigues
Pushpa Shrivastav
Ali Khanahmadi Zenouz

Image credits

Rug, Afghanistan, early 21st century. Gift of Max Allen, T2008.1.35.

Margaret McHardy, Sampler, Scotland, mid 19th century. Gift of Roy MacDonald, T01.39.1.

Kanga, Tanzania, late 20th century. Gift of Barbara Barde, T01X0007.

Langue & Communication:
Ann Buxton, Sampler, England, mid 19th century. Gift of Tena Van Andel, T95.0287.

Sujuni Mahila Jeevan: Stitching Women’s Life and Sirali Santal Khatwa: Thread Has a Life of Its Own cooperatives, Sujuni, India, late 20th century. Gift of Max Allen, T2005.26.2.

Famille & Communauté:
Sujuni, India, mid to late 20th century. From the Fitzgerald Collection, T04.24.82.

Santé & Bien-être:
Francisco Carillo, Yarn painting, Mexico, mid to late 20th century. Gift of Penny Bateman, TS03.23.124.

Apron, China, 19th century. Gift of Fred Braida, T85.0652.

Travail & École:
Arpillera, Peru, late 20th century. Gift of Lauretta Holbrook, T2015.11.1.

À propos:
Ali Khanahmadi Zenouz – photo credit: Marc Serpa Francoeur